Fight Against covid19 Initiatives at NESAC

NESAC and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Dibrugarh, Assam are jointly coordinating with the respective Government Departments of the NE Region to provide necessary support to fight against corona pandemic spread.

FIGHT CORONA app: ‘FIGHT CORONA’ is developed as per the guidelines of ICMR. The Government of Tripura has directed the health workers and volunteers of the state to use the FIGHT CORONA app. The app is further customized for the state of Assam with new sets of parameters. This app (a) Provides assistance on sample testing, based on the questionnaire, to check whether sample collection is needed along with details of the nearest sample collection centre. (b)In addition to self-assessment of risk by the community, this app allows the community health workers, health providers, Airport /station authorities for themselves and the suspect cases in the hospital and during community surveillance (c) communicating the cases qualifying for sample testing as per ICMR and state guidelines via SMS to the health personnel responsible for sample collection.

North Eastern(NE) Region Covid19 Dashboard: NE RegionCovid19 Dashboard provides state-wise daily statistics on the Spreads (confirmed, active, recovered & death cases), GIS maps identifying high-cases zones along with Hotspots, non-hotspots and non-infected districts, Daily statistics on sample tested etc. The site also provides susceptibility map in the form of Vulnerability index based on SIER model on experimental basis to indicate the vulnerable districts. It predicts the spread of the disease & helps in implementing effective measures. URL:

Web applications for Assam, Shillong (Meghalaya) and Tripura: Web applications have been integrated on the top of the main covid19 dashboard to support decision making. (a) Assam Dashboard provides details of schools in spatial domain which may be suitable for quarantine camp in worst case scenario. (b) Meghalaya Dashboard receives live data from the tracking mobile app developed by IIT Bombay and comprises Geo-Xplorer with visualization & GIS analysis.(c) The large scale geospatial database prepared under AMRUT project for Shillong municipality is being used for household identification of suspected corona affected people. Other Features of Shillong application are assistance in possible expansion of quarantine centers along with details attributes, Statistics based on custom polygon, Live tracking of quarantine patients, Identification of hotspot zones based on the number of patients and population distribution and Village level mapping of quarantine patients.(d) Dashboard of Tripura provides geotagged locations of suspected patients captured during the survey by the Health workers using FIGHT CORONA app.