Dr. S. K. Saha, Distingushed Professor,UPES visits NESACNew

Dr. S.K Saha, Distinguished Professor at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES, Dehradun & Former Dean of Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) delivered two talks at the NESAC Outreach Facility on 18th February, 2019. The first talk was on 'Remote Sensing and GIS Inputs for Hydrocarbon Exploration.' He talked about geomorphological studies, structural analysis and the inter-relation between soil type, drainage, bedding, lineaments, DEM, slope, gravity maps etc., which can provide insights for oil exploration. He also explained how microwave data could be used for oil slick identification was and how the hyperspectral techniques could be employed for studying micro-seepage induced vegetation stresses. Thermal anomalies to identify deposits were also discussed.

The second talk was on vegetation analysis with hyperspectral remote sensing. His talk covered the various aspects related to hyperspectral remote sensing for precision agriculture, hyperspectral classification techniques, spectral unmixing and matching, spectral derivative analysis etc. He also explained about retrieval of biophysical paramaters such as leaf area index, canopy closure, plant nutrient levels, leaf and canopy water content etc. with hyperspectral remote sensing techniques.

The talks were followed by an interactive session with the scientists, project staff and intern students.