NESAC celebrated Swachhta Hi Seva Campaign 2018New

The Swachhta Hi Seva campaign 2018 is celebrated at NESAC from 14th September 2018 to 2nd October 2018. Swachhata Hi Seva’ Campaign was inaugurated by Shri P.L.N. Raju, Director, NESAC on 14th September 2018. All the staffs took the “Swacchata Hi Seva” pledge led by the Director, NESAC. During the campaign, following activities were carried out at NESAC:

  • Cleaning the area near Guest house; Weeding out unwanted weeds around the premise of Guest House; Cleaning of storm water drains; Collecting unwanted wastes such as plastics, debris etc.
  • The cleaning activities included weeding the planting/flower bed for ornamental plants, planted in the road median outside the main gate; Grass cutting, booming both the sides of the road towards NERIE; Burning of dried leaves and other dirt on the sides of the road.
  • Cleaning of Nongsder village. The plastic litters, papers were collected and burned thereafter
  • Cleaning of NESAC Main Office Building. The target for the day’s cleaning drive was to clean all the common facility rooms inside NESAC Main Office Building. Cleaning of the above mentioned rooms included cleaning of doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
  • Cleanliness drive and tree plantation was conducted at the NESAC Residential Complex and Park area.
  • Cleaning the premises of the Boys Hostel and the Girls Hostel. The cleaning began with the SatCom building where the grass was cut and premises boomed. This was followed by cleaning of entrance path and veranda of the Old Director’s Bungalow and Accounts Building where the grass in proximity to footpaths were trimmed. Plastic waste was disposed separately.
  • The cleaning and awareness drive was conducted with imparting door to door instructions to the residents of the NESAC housing colony on how to segregate waste (bio- degradable, Non bio-degradable and domestic hazardous waste). Pamphlets were also distributed to enable them to get a clear idea of how to segregate waste from home. In addition to that, the buildings and the surrounding area of the NESAC housing colony were also cleaned.
  • Cleaning the Amenity building of NESAC Residential campus and the nearby areas were cleaned followed by tree plantation.
  • Scrap disposals in offices and cleaning the construction area.
  • Cleaning the Umiam Village area and Market area including park and putting of dustbins in the nearby areas
  • Conducted a lecture on Waste Management
  • Flagging off Swachhta Rath; Creating awareness among the people at different locations such as Umiam market, GS road junction, NEPA market and ICAR; Distributing leaflets to the people with different theme like Recycling of waste, Save water, Segregation of waste, Hygiene, WASH capacity building, Ecological sanitation, Fecal-oral transmission route, Food safety, How to use toilet.
  • Flyers were distributed in Umiam Market area and MeECL School, Umiam. Posters depicting importance of hygiene and sanitation were also put up in shops, market area and school building.