North Eastern Spatial Data Repository (NeSDR) officially released on 11th Dec’2020

North Eastern Spatial Data Repository (NeSDR) has developed by North Eastern Applications Centre (NESAC) in collaboration with SRSACs of NE states. NeSDR project is sponsored by North Eastern Council (NEC). The NeSDR is enriched with large number of data, web services, applications and external data links for the benefit of the various User Groups. Around 832 datasets on different themes are made available under nine major categories – base and administrative information, infrastructures, land resources, water resources, assets & utilities, terrain, disaster management support inputs and action plan inputs. It provides the datasets as per OGC standards for visualization via web services. The interface has been designed to be more responsive in all kinds of platforms and devices. It’s a single window platform for seamless data accessibility across various users for data visualization, interactive analysis, search and discovery of spatial based user’s interest. NeSDR is also powered by the Data Analytics module to perform real-time query on PAN NER land and water resources information including climate data.

Secretary, NEC has released the NeSDR on 11th November, 2020 with the URL