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Installation of a set of instruments for study of Ka band impairment due to weather parameters, climatology in the region etc is in progress. A desdrometer, a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, and a Micro-Rain Radar have been installed. An Aethelometer has also been installed for measurement of black carbon and emitted carbon measurements.

Mini Boundary Layer Mast (MBLM):

One mini boundary layer mast was installed at NESAC in Feb, 2010. The system uses advanced high resolution sensors to measure ambient temperature, relative humidity and wind vector at three different levels at 4.0 m, 8.0 m and 14.9 m. In addition to this it will measure rainfall (using a tipping bucket having resolution of 0.5 mm), net incoming solar radiation in long wave and short wave range, atmospheric pressure, soil temperature at seven levels and soil moisture at six levels. All the data are collected at one second resolution and averaged for every four minutes. The average data is sent to a receiving station at ISRO HQ, Bangalore via SMS using a GSM mobile connection. The data are stored in a local data logger as well and can be downloaded using a USB drive. The system shall be useful to study the boundary layer process at fine scale.

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