एनईसैक में आईआरएनएसएस परियोजना

Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) through satellites is an important service that has emerged in recent years. Satellite based PNT service is of vital importance to the contemporary world not only for civil aviation but in many other areas of importance such as, mobile telephony, surface transportation, intelligent highway system, maritime transportation, railways, oil and gas, precision agriculture, fisheries, survey and marine engineering, etc. The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) program of ISRO is the first Indian initiative toward an independent, indigenously built Regional Satellite Navigation (SATNAV) Project. The IRNSS is based on a constellation of seven satellites, three in GEO (Geostationary orbits) and four in GSO (Geosynchronous orbits).

NESAC has been identified as one of the four sites for commissioning one set of IRNSS Ground segment element. NESAC shall have one IRNSS CDMA Ranging Station (IRCDR), one IRNSS Range and Integrity Monitoring Station (IRIMS), and IRNSS Data Communication Network (IRDCN) system. All the equipment has been received at NESAC. Installation and commissioning of the system is in process.