Shri P.L.N. Raju has assumed the charge of the post of Director, North Eastern Space Applications Centre w.e.f 7th October, 2015. Previously, He was serving as Group Head (PPEG) at Indian Institutes of Remote Sensing (IIRS), ISRO, Dehradun. Shri Raju has graduated in Civil Engineering from Mysore University in 1984. He achieved M.Tech in Remote Sensing from Anna University in 1987. He went for a certificate course in Geographical Information System from ITC, Netherlands in 1995.

Initially, Shri PLN Raju has joined IIRS, ISRO, DOS during December 1988 as a Scientist/Engineer-SC.In due course, he served as In-Charge, Water Resources Division, In Charge Geoinformatics Division / Head, Geoinformatics Department,Group Head, Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Group, Group Head Program Planning and Evaluation Group at IIRS before joining NESAC as Director.

In 28 years of research contributions, Shri Raju has taken lead role in the applications of

  • Remote Sensing Applications
  • GeographicalInformation System
  • Global Navigation Satellite System
  • Water Resources
  • 3D GIS and Visualisation
  • Training, education and Capacity Building
  • Distance Learning Outreach Programs (Live / Interactive & Internet based (e-learning).

He was involved in shaping and implementing IIRS Academic programs, coordinating IIRS M.Sc./M.Tech./Postgraduate Diploma Programs in addition to teaching / practical and field visits etc. as part of the above programs. He was responsible for IIRS Outreach Program since beginning from 2007 with dedicated efforts and significant contribution with participation of large number of Institutions. Trained 20000+ participants in the short span of 8 years from 230+ institutions and individuals. Shri Raju also initiated e-learning program in Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science in 2014 and launched e-learning program with participation of more than 1400 participants in the first batch.

Shri Raju contributed significantly for execution of many national/regional level projects- Principal Investigator for NRIS project for Andaman and Nicobar Islands (completed & Node established at Port Blair), team Leader for establishment of Geo-web portal for BIS. He was also responsible for establishment of RS & GIS infrastructure at FSI, AN Islands, Andhra University, Punjab Forest Department etc.

Shri Raju has published around 52 research articles in various peer reviewed International/national level journals, conference proceedings, chapter in book. He has also participated and presented around 50 technical / scientific papers in international conferences/national conferences/forums/seminars etc. including attending ISPRS 2008 Beijing Congress at Beijing, China and AFRICA GIS 2009 bi-annual Africa GIS Conference at Kampala, Uganda, AARS ACRS 2011 at Taipei, Taiwan and ISPRS Melbourne Congress in 2012.He was the Treasurer and Secretary of ISRS (2006-12), Joint Secretary & Vice President of IMS DC (2012-16), Secretary ISPRS TC VI/2 (2008-12) and Secretary, ISPRS TC VIII ( 2012-16). Recently, Shri Raju is elected as Vice President, ISPRS Technical Commission V on “Education & Outreach“ for the period 2016-2020.

Shri Raju visited 10 Countries (Japan, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, China, Uganda, Taiwan, Australia, Czech Republic and Dubai) for training, research, symposium/conferences and meetings etc.

He has received ISRS President Appreciation Medal in 2014. He has significantly contributed for getting two awards such as:

  • National Award for Excellence in Training for the Outreach Program and
  • National Award for Excellence in Training for the e-learning program from Govt. of India for the year 2015.