हमारे बारे में

Spectacular development of space technology and its applications is no longer remaining a vision out of reach for the common people. Satellite based communication network has linked the entire nation cutting across the geography, language and the society. Ever since the birth of Department of Space (DOS) in 1972, Indian space programme has achieved unique distinction of crossing several milestones while developing indigenous technology and providing technological support for socioeconomic benefit for millions of people of the country.

Soon, the technological advancement of space technology and its applications have proliferated rapidly to the remote areas including the North Eastern Region of the country. Realizing the need of special attention in terms of technological support in managing rich natural resources and improving the poor infrastructure and communication linkages, North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NESAC) was established as a joint initiative of Department of Space (DOS) and the North Eastern Council (NEC) and came into being on 5th of September, 2000. The Center is all set to augment the developmental process in the region by providing the advanced space technology support.

NESAC has now moved to its permanent building in October 2008.