IT & Geo-Informatics

IT and GeoInformatics Group is the backbone of the Centre to provide various operational IT and GeoInformatics related services. The group is responsible for establishing high technology infrastructure support to enable NE states to adopt space technology inputs for their development. Following are the major objectives of the group:-

  • To provide IT related services by establishing High-end IT infrastructure and also to develop web applications for catering the needs of various users of the centre

  • To develop and deploy various web applications and spatial decision support system for Governments Departments in order to enhanced their Governance activity

  • To conduct advanced Training in the areas of GeoInformatics, Mobile Apps/IoT, Machine Learning/Deep Learning etc

Major Programmes/GeoPortal

1. North Eastern District Resources Plan (NEDRP): NEDRP is one of the unique initiatives of NESAC sponsored by the North Eastern Council (NEC), Ministry of DoNER (MDONER), Government of India with an objective to strengthen the governance policy through geospatial inputs. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Union Minister for Electronics & Information Technology and Law & Justice, Government of India launched the updated and full version (with entire districts of NER) of NEDRP GeoPortal on 11 August, 2018 in august presence of the Hon’ble Chief Ministers and IT Ministers of NER States. NEDRP was awarded with the most prestigious National Awards for e-Governance for the year 2017-18 for outstanding contribution using Spatial Technology and GIS in e-Governance by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG), Government of India.
For more details, please visit NEDRP at

2. North Eastern Spatial Data Repository (NeSDR): NeSDR is one of the major programme of NESAC taken up as per the directive of Ministry of DoNER with the objective to establish Geospatial Network among SRSACs of NE region through augmentation of existing IT infrastructures as well as creating the catalogue of existing geospatial data generated at different scales, different time frame available with SRSACs or user and line departments. NESAC as Central Node will host regional database including State data whereas respective SRSACs as State Nodes will be responsible for State data generated by SRSACs or other Line Departments. The beta version of the portal will be released by end of March, 2019.

3. Election e-ATLAS to empower the Electoral planning process in NE region: Election e-ATLAS is another important initiative of the centre in order to empower the electoral planning and monitoring activity in the region. Initially, the work has been initiated at the request of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Meghalaya and later on the development of Election e-Atlas is extended to the State of Mizoram and Manipur. The Election e-Atlas was successfully utilized for the first time in India during the last Assembly Election 2018 of Meghalaya to capture the live feeds of polling updates for live visualization (heat map etc.) and turn out. The Election e-Atlas was subsequently released by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Mizoram for upcoming Assembly Election 2018 scheduled during Nov, 2018.
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4. GeoTagging and Monitoring the status of the projects/schemes using Geospatial Technology: At the request of NEC, Government of India, NESAC has initiated a project on monitoring of the status of the projects/schemes funded by NEC for various developmental activities of NER. Progresses of the project status are monitored via in three modes - Mobile Apps, satellite imagery and drone images. Satellite and drone images are being used where the project site is relatively large and leading to the construction of roads, stadium etc. Till now, total 95 projects of NEC running in 165 locations of NE region are integrated. The application is hosted at

5. Sericulture Information Linkages and Knowledge System (SILKS): SILKS is an Unified Geo-spatial framework for hosting 108 district level geo-portals containing more than 900 geo-spatial layers. The work was sponsored by the Central Silk Board (CSB), Government of India for expansion of sericulture activities in the country. SILKS is now operational with the URL for the planning and advisory services of the farmers, sericulture extension workers, administrators and planners

6. Space Based Information Kiosk (SBIK): SBIK is sponsored by the Ministry of DoNER, Government of India to strengthen the planning and monitoring mechanisms of the projects funded by the Ministry of DoNER & other Central Government funded projects in NER. SBIK is an offline GeoWeb system installed in a Touch-Screen based System containing 30-35 layers for each state. The Kiosk was installed in the Offices of Chief Secretaries of NER including MDONER, NEC and many other Line Departments of NER

7. Development of GeoTourism for NE region: Development of GeoTourism has been initiated as per the directive of Ministry of DoNER. The main objective of this work is to showcase the important tourist spots over Bhuvan satellite imagery. Dashboard based web application for tourism has been conceptualized and developed for the State of Meghalaya. Development of GeoTourism portal for the State of Tripura is under progress in collaboration with Tripura Space Application Centre (TSAC). The protype of the portal is hosted at

8. Meghalaya Basin Development Authority Village Information Management System (MBDA-VIMS): Both NESAC and MBDA have jointly developed the MBDA-VIMS portal to provide online relevant information for preparation of developmental plan.

9. CrimeGIS for few selected cities/towns of NE region: NESAC has initiated the development CrimeGIS for Shillong city of Meghalaya with an aim to catalogue existing and current crime records with analytics tools for management support. Geotagging of current crime incidents using Mobile Apps, Hotspot analysis on temporal crime incidents and generation of heat-maps based on current crime incidents are three major objectives of CrimeGIS

10. MiningGIS for NE region: NESAC has initiated the development of MiningGIS under the umbrella of NeSDR programme with the following objectives:-

  • Development of a dashboard application for spatial visualization, statistical analysis and querying of existing mining areas/field
  • Development of citizentric Mobile Apps for monitoring the licensed and unlicensed operations of mining
  • Tool for temporal monitoring of forested land near mine-fields to minimize environmental damage
  • Identification of licensed and unlicensed operations to reduce revenue loss to the state on a temporal basis for real-time monitoring of mining operations using satellite imagery.


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