RS & GIS Lab

These laboratories provides state of the art computing facility for RS GIS applications. Laboratory is connected to the network of NESAC with 1 Gbps LAN. The lab is equipped with IBM eServer with 4 GB RAM along with more than 25 Workstation based IBM nodes used for digital image processing analysis. The lab also acquired 3 Dual Processor Xeon based DELL Servers with high capacity Storage Area Network (SAN). Recently NESAC has procured hign end HP Workstations.

Sufficient numbers of image processing and GIS softwares like Erdas, Geomatica, ESRI ArcGIS, eCognition etc. along with other software like 3D MAX, AutoDesk etc. are available in the lab.

Database servers of the lab are also equipped with ORACLE and MS SQL along with ArcSDE and ArcIMS capability.

Following facilities are established to support the remote sensing and GIS activities of the Centre:

  • Digital Photogrammetry Work Stations

  • A 0 size Colour Scanner

  • High Quality printers and plotters

  • Leica Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)

  • Visual Interpretation facilities

  • Spectroradiometer

  • UV-Visible Spectro-photometer, Flame Photometer

  • Echo-Sounder

  • Plant Canopy Imager