Sattelite Communications Activities at the Centre

One most important mandate of North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NESAC) is applications of Satellite Communication (SATCOM) technology to undertake developmental communication programmes in the North Eastern Region (NER) to assist education, health, social welfare and other development activities. The SATCOM application programs can addresses the dissemination of quality education- from primary to University level, provisioning of Medical and Health-care services, enabling of interactive connectivity among the rural farming communities , tele-communication support during disaster management etc. To cater this all this ISRO has a number of vibrant SATCOM applications programs like Telemedicine, Te-education, Village Resource Centre, Communication support in disaster management etc. NESAC is playing the key role in implementation & utilization of all above applications programs in all the eight state of NER in collaboration with other central/state government agencies, NGO’s etc.

The available SATCOM facilities at NESAC are as follows:

  • State-of-the art studio facility for content generation and broadcasting of developmental programs

  • Village Resource Centre(VRC) expert node for conducting various training program, providing agromat advisory and data dissemination

  • Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) under EDUSAT program for educational activities

  • Receive Only Terminal (ROT) under national program on Edusat

  • ISRONET system for video conferencing and data transfer activities among the centre of DOS/ISRO

  • Transportable WLL-VSAT system for providing audio-video link and data transfer activities for communication support in Disaster management and various training and awareness program

  • Various system under Ka-band propagation experiment program

  • Various system under GAP-4 experiment program

  • Various system under IRNSS project

The Ongoing SATCOM applications programs are as follows: