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The Agriculture and Soil Division (ASD) is responsible for conducting research and executing user-funded projects pertaining to crop acreage and production estimation, cropping system analysis, crop condition and crop damage assessment, smart crop cutting experiment (Smart-CCE), soil resource / fertility mapping, site suitability studies of horticultural crops etc. The division is undertaking a number of important projects in planning and monitoring of sericulture sector in the country. UAV remote sensing in agriculture has been an important area of activity in the division. The division also provides space technology support in other allied agriculture areas in the region such as animal husbandry and veterinary, fisheries etc.

Dr BK Handique

Head, ASD
+91 364 2308712

Team Members

Dr Jonali Goswami, Sci/Engr ‘SF’
Smt P T Das, Sci/Engr ‘SF’
Dr Chandan Goswami, Sci/Engr ‘SF’
Dr Pradesh Jena, Sci/Engr ‘SD’
Dr Francis Dutta, Sci/Engr ‘SC’