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Satcom& UAV Division (SUD) is responsible for setting up SATCOM based networks in NE region for various societal applications in the field of Health, Education, Emergency Communication etc. and also to provide continual support for it. The division also undertakes GNSS related applications and research activities for various thematic areas. Research & promotion in the field of satellite communication technology and applications is another activity of the division. The division is also involved in design & development of UAVs for specific applications. It is also providing UAV remote sensing services on operational basis to different user groups across the NER. The division is equipped with copter type and VTOL fixed wing type UAVs for survey and mapping activities along with different UAV based sensors such as RGB/Multi-spectral/Thermal/Hyperspectral/Lidar and 3D printing facility.

Shri R K Das

Head, SUD
+91 364 2308750

Team Members

Shri Anjan Debnath, Sci/Engr-SE
Shri Chirag Gupta, Sci/Engr-SE
Shri Sanjay Pandit, Sci/Engr-SD
Shri Himangshu Jyoti Das, Sci/Engr-SD
Shri Sashi B Nayak, Technical Assistant