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CMD represents all users for their new major & minor construction requirements right from generating user requirement, getting required administrative & financial approvals, and finally execution of the work. CMD is also responsible for operation, maintenance and upkeep of buildings & structures, roads, surface drain system, slopes protection, public health (PH) systems, electrical HT & LT systems, transformers, DG sets, UPS systems, air conditioning systems, audio-visual systems, CCTVs, smoke detection & fire alarm systems, fire hydrant system, passenger lifts, housekeeping, solar power plant & solar water heating systems. Besides, CMD also extends its maintenance related support to ISTRAC and MCF buildings located inside NESAC campus and DWR facility at Cherrapunjee.

Shri R K Das

Head, CMD
+91 364 2308750

Team Members

Shri Anjan Debnath, Sci/Engr ‘SE’
Shri Aman Kr Singh, Sci/Engr ‘SE’
Shri Darji Harish Kumar, Technical Assistant