Applications Area

Forests constitute about 65.45% of the total geographical area of northeastern India. This region represents 24.22% of the country’s forest cover (FSI, 2017) although it occupies only 7.98% of the country’s land area. Forests of this region are structurally unique and diverse owing to its location in the transition zone between the Indian, Indo-Malayan and Indo-Chinese biogeographic region and the altitudinal variation and rainfall patterns of southwest and northeast monsoon in the region also play a significant role. But these forests are under immense pressure as the ownership is mostly under the community, clan or private and little under the control of the States. The State Forest Departments of the region had been preparing the forest working plans for the divisions where no approved working plan exists and revising for those which are expiring. NESAC has been supporting different state forest departments in preparing the geospatial inputs and computational estimates of growing stocks at forest compartment level. Studies on vegetation and soil carbon, bamboo resources, forest biomass estimations, wetlands mapping, shifting cultivation dynamics and burnt area assessment are some of the other activities of this group.