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The division is responsible for preparing plans and policies deploying space based technology that guide the development of cities, towns, villages and regions in a way that supports the well-being of society. Specific tasks that the division undertakes include: Conducting research and analysis of data on a variety of factors affecting the development of communities – population growth, demographics, economic trends, and environmental conditions; Developing plans and guidelines for land use, transportation systems, housing, and other resources in a way that supports the needs and interests of the community; Engaging with stakeholders including community members, government officials, businesses, and advocacy groups, to gather input and feedback on their plans and policies; Evaluating projects and programs to improve the quality of life in communities, such as affordable housing initiatives, village level plans, transportation projects, and environmental conservation programs; Preparation of Multi – Hazard risk vulnerability studies for urban areas. The outputs form as a decisive tool towards land-use planning, building codes, infrastructure development and city disaster management plans. Overall, the work of the division is essential for creating livable, sustainable, and equitable communities that meet the needs of their residents. By balancing economic, social, and environmental considerations, to ensure that communities are able to thrive in the long term.

Dr J. M. Nongkynrih

Head, URD
+91 364 2308719

Team Members

Shri Santanu Das, Sci/Engr ‘SD’
Shri Sumanth B C, Sci/Engr ‘SD’