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Geoscience Division (GSD) is responsible for supporting state (user) departments dealing with Geo-sciences applications and to carry out R&D in NER and beyond. The thrust areas of research of the division include Landslide, Environmental and Industrial Hazards, Mine Mapping, Ground Water, Route Alignment / Realignment, Active Tectonic and Crustal Deformation, Earthquake Precursors, SAR Interferometry, Hyperspectral and Thermal image analysis etc. The division also conducts professional and short term training from time to time for user departments and researchers.

Shri M Somorjit Singh

Head, GSD
+91 364 2308721

Team Members

Dr Kuntala Bhushan, Sci/Engr ‘SE’
Dr Gopal Sharma, Sci/Engr ‘SD’
Shri Rahul Pratap, Sci/Engr ‘SC’